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I'm back!

2017-11-21 08:42:32 by SludsMusic

I am back from the grave, now with significantly better music! I'll try to release new tracks as regularly as I can.


2017-07-02 09:09:29 by SludsMusic

im going to find a bunch of new samples and make some new songs with them today

please leave reviews on them so I know where I go wrong :)

Please notice me

2017-06-30 18:47:04 by SludsMusic

if im gonna post you better look at my F  R  I  C  C  E  N songs

im gonna post again

2017-06-21 16:29:25 by SludsMusic

yay sluds is posting again


also i set my profile stuff, im actually 12 but it wont let me say im younger than 13 :c

'Sluds, why aren't you posting here?'

2017-05-17 17:33:53 by SludsMusic

I haven't even checked this site in months. I post all my songs on my YT channel now.


Please drop a sub if you want to hear my music the fastest.

Want a track/loop?

2017-04-09 13:14:09 by SludsMusic

Need a track/loop for something? Contact me with my public email and I can get it to you for the prices below:

Short loop: Free

Long loop: Free

Track: Undetermined